Eva Mak

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Eva Mak

Eva is a Maternity and Women's Health Physiotherapist and has been a physio for 15 years.

She is the Clinical lead physiotherapist of the Maternity Ward at The Mater Hospital. Eva has many years experience also treating musculoskeletal conditions like spinal (lower back, thoracic and neck) pain, pelvis and hip conditions and treats holistically to ensure the source of the pain or dysfunction is identified so as not to treat just the symptoms. Eva has been invited to speak and write articles on the post natal recovery phase  for numerous mother and baby  websites and social media groups . 

She sees the beneficial impact expert physiotherapy advice for movement and postural re-education and muscle strengthening has in making the daily lives of women easier and more enjoyable.   She loves being able to help women in the pre and post natal stage - from musculoskeletal to pelvic girdle pain, moving in a safe manner to prevent injury, pelvic floor rehabilitation, posture and abdominal strengthening before and after vaginal and/or caesarean birth, to helping women return to higher impact sports such as running in a safe manner.

Eva is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and in training to become a Paediatric Massage Consultant. She teaches parents and caregivers how to massage their babies to tap into the huge range of benefits for both the baby and parent.

You can book an appointment for pre or post natal conditions, to devise an individualised training program targeted to your goals, or a private baby massage education session series with Eva.

Outside of work, Eva is a mum to 3 girls and loves cooking, mountain biking, and a good cup of coffee.


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