Elise Crimmins

Maternity and Women's Health Physiotherapist

Elise Crimmins

Elise Crimmins is a Maternity and Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Elise is passionate about empowering women of all life stages through education and individualised exercise rehabilitation. She treats pelvic floor disorders as well as musculoskeletal conditions of the axial skeleton including- the neck, thorax, lower back, pelvic gridle and hip. Elise's approach to physiotherapy is holistic and looks to treat the cause of dysfunction as opposed to purely treating symptoms.

Elise is particularly passionate about providing evidence-based information for pre and post-natal women. She believes education is key in supporting women from bump to birth, through to the fourth trimester. She is particularly passionate about birth preparation and all things post-natal rehabilitation- including resolving pelvic floor disorders after birth, abdominal separation and returning to high impact sports. The pelvic floor is implicated in pregnancy, birth and in the post- natal period, however many women are shocked to hear that pelvic floor dysfunction may also be the cause of their back, hip, and coccyx pain.

Elise is qualified in Mat work and Studio Pilates Equipment through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. She teaches challenging and enjoyable clinical Pilates 1:1's, and classes. She has been asked to contribute to Barre teacher training courses at Pilates studios. She is also a qualified yoga instructor, and believes mindful movement is healing. The combination of therapeutic yoga and Pilates, which is underpinned by a strong physiotherapy background, is what makes rehabilitation effective and enjoyable.

Her holistic view of health has extended to her own life.

When she is not at work you can find her on Pilates apparatus, moving on the yoga mat, and playing soccer with mates.


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